Scalise Blasts 2020 Dems for Skipping How to ‘Actually Pay’ for ‘Fantasy Big Government’ Policies

Steve Scalise
Allison Shelley/Getty Images

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) blasted the 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates for skipping out on explaining how they would pay for their ambitious proposed policies.

Wednesday marked the second night of the second 2020 Democratic primary debates, where candidates have backed policies such as the widely-panned Green New Deal, slavery reparations, and “Medicare-for-all.”

These policies carry hefty price tags with them — the Green New Deal would cost an estimated $93 trillion, “Medicare-for-all” would carry a $30 trillion price tag, and spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson‘s proposed reparations plan would bring a cost of $500 billion.

Now, Scalise wants to know how to cover those costs.

In a tweet posted Wednesday night during the debate, the House minority whip took aim at the candidates, calling out those onstage for skipping out on explaining how they would “actually pay” for their “fantasy big government” policies and pointed out that “higher taxes” would result in “longer wait times and less choice.”

Looks like in tonight’s [Democratic Debate] they skipped the part about who would actually pay for their fantasy big government takeovers of YOUR life,” wrote Scalise. “Higher taxes for longer wait times and less choice: that’s the Dem platform!”

Big promises with hefty price tags have appeared to become a theme within the Democratic primary.

As IJR Red previously reported, 2020 Democratic candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) proposed an “Ultra-Millionaires Tax” — a wealth tax targeting families in America with a net worth of $50 million or more, around 75,000 households — which would bring in an estimated $2.75 trillion in tax revenue.

This would cover the costs of her other campaign proposals, such as a plan to end the opioid crisis, cancel student loan debt, and her “Green Manufacturing Plan,” with about $450 billion left over to cover “down payments” on the Green New Deal and “Medicare-for-all,” although she does not have a funding plan to cover her health care proposal.

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for genital contusion-

“you idiots”. Just keep thinking you are the smartest one in the room. One thing for sure, you are, by far, the most puerile person in the room. Your name calling knows no bounds which shows your actual intelligence has SERIOUS borders.


General – i never argued they should be and never criticized proposed plans for covering. You are the one that took my initial comment out of context. 😉

Phyllis Softa

If a candidate is offering “fantasy big government policies” the question is NOT how will they PAY for a fantasy. They pay for them with “fantasy” funding, of course! . Look at 2016 the “fantasy” solution to immigration—It was a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it. The question is WHERE are the VOTES to get passage thru Congress. for a fantasy policy?


General – yes, you are right. It is easy for me to shrug aside the idea of paying for additional insurance for something not covered because I’m in a position where i can.

However, when i was thinking of anything not covered i was thinking elective surgeries like cosmetic surgeries. Not all available healthcare should be covered by the government.

General Confusion

“I just want my standard stuff covered. If i needed something not covered then i could purchase supplmental private insurance or pay for it myself.” Phoenix

You say that now from a position of wealth and health, but millions of Americans are not in that position. They need a health care system that takes care of us all indiscriminately and fairly.

Don’t confuse what you are able to manage now with what your life will be like when your health breaks down and you CAN’T afford the costs of staying alive.

General Confusion

“Scalise wants to know how to cover those costs.” Houston Keene

Hey, Houston, can you read, bdcause it looks as if Scalise can’t and he needs your help.

Elizabeth Warren includes method of payment in her plans. One method would cover the expenses with a huge SURPLUS that would cover OTHER plans of hers.

Bernie Sanders incluses method of payment that would cover his plans.

READ THEIR PLANS, you idiots, and stop paying attention to people, such as Keene and Scalise, who are trying to confuse you. Anyone who arges that the plans of good candidates are not financed don’t care for the truth.


Screwtape – i would have the same level of guarantee, the same amount of choice, and the same level of care. From an insurer standpoint – i don’t much care about bells and whistles. I just want my standard stuff covered. If i needed something not covered then i could purchase supplmental private insurance or pay for it myself. Which, as i have said in the past, i have had to do even with my private insurance (which is pretty good as i work at one of the major health insurance companies) for fairly standard tests while i was pregnant.… Read more »


I say again, if any of the Dim schemes pass then they should be the first ones on their own healthcare programs.

Did they surrender their own “Cadillac” health coverage, which we pay for, when Obozocare passed? No. Why not? It was so wonderful they had to force it the American people with a midnight, one-party vote.

Never trust a car salesman who drives a make he doesn’t sell.

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