Former Republican Steve Schmidt Blames Trump for Creating an ‘Atmosphere’ for Terrorist to Mail Bombs

On Friday evening, former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt blamed President Donald Trump for helping to foster an environment that allowed a terrorist to mail bombs to prominent Democrats and members of the media.

According to Schmidt, even though Trump did not mail the bombs, the man arrested for carrying out the act had actualized his inner wishes.

“We have arrived at this dark hour because of Donald Trump,” Schmidt told MSNBC. “He didn’t mail the bomb, and he didn’t put the stickers on the envelope, but he created the atmosphere where a sick person, a criminal, somebody like this terrorist would actualize Trump’s clear intent.”

Schmidt further blamed Trump’s rhetoric at his rallies as motivators for the suspected bomber:

“Trump goes out every day as the tribal chief of a faction that’s declared war on the majority of the country. […] And this sick person or evil person — or maybe a little bit of both — decided to become a soldier in Trump’s army to kill the enemies. And what we saw was the largest mass assassination plot in American history.”

“We haven’t seen something like this since the day that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated,” he added.

Watch the video below:

He further tweeted how Trump is to blame for the suspect’s actions:

“It was not enough for him to drive around in his van festooned with images of Trump anymore. He heard the message,” he added. “Trump incites and inflames. He is a tribal chief at war. He is as illiberal as he is vile, corrupt and inept. He created the dystopian alternate reality where this loser lived.”

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Steve Schit can stifle himself.


The key word here is “former”. With Trump’s rising sway among the Reprobates, Schmidt is NOT planning for the future. Unless he goes to work for the Dims.





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