Stewart Slams Congress, Claims DC Has All the ‘Arrogance and Entitlement and Elitism’ of Hollywood

Jon Stewart claimed that Washington D.C. has as much “arrogance and entitlement and elitism” as Hollywood when it comes to caring for everyday Americans.

Stewart has been working to help the first responders from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Many of the first responders developed cancers and other diseases from their time rescuing people and cleaning up the debris from the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash site for Flight 93.

Because of the illnesses faced by the heroes from September 11, Congress set up a fund to pay for the medical costs of the first responders. That funding package as it stands must be renewed by Congress every so often.

Stewart has been working with other first responders to ensure that the first responder’s fund is never a political tool. He has been working to have it extended through 2090 so that it lasts the lifetime of those who helped heal America after the terrorist attacks.

However, as IJR previously reported, Congress hasn’t been as enthusiastic about helping the first responders as Stewart is. He called out members of Congress for failing to show up to hearings and for brushing off first responders when they arrive to lobby for their health care.

In a follow-up interview, Stewart told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that the top politicians in D.C. demonstrate many of the same qualities that Americans despise when they think of Hollywood.

Watch Stewart’s comments:

“I come from a world of show business and I think if you were to take all of the arrogance and entitlement and elitism that people don’t like about Hollywood and show business and you concentrated it in one city and gave those people actual power, that’s Washington. There’s a tremendous amount of people down there doing great work with goodwill, but there is a very small concentrated group of people at the top that have lost sight of what they’re there for and how it looks to the outside world.”

Stewart noted that only seven members of the 14 who should have been present on the sub-committee to hear the testimony from the first responders.

“That’s a failing grade and that shouldn’t happen,” Stewart noted.

The legislation Stewart is hoping to pass is expected to sail through the Senate. The comedian noted that he hopes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will allow the bill to pass in the Senate without too much partisan animosity.

As IJR previously reported, Stewart has been complimentary of the Trump Administration for their continued support for the first responders.


  1. Good for you, Jon Stewart. Thanks for saying what most of us average working Joes and James think.

  2. Stewart has hit the nail on the head! Those at the top of our government were ELECTED to SERVE THE PEOPLE NOT THEMSELVES. They are eating at OUR TABLE and we aren’t even invited to sit. Instead we are serving them! This is NOT a monarchy or a dictatorship it is supposed to be a republic governed by PEOPLE serving OUR best interests NOT theirs! They have set up a separate system for THEMSELVES to give them immunity from the laws that govern our country and to give themselves the RIGHTS? to create that system. Elite health care! A retirement most everyday citizens can’t achieve after working their ENTIRE LIVES. (“no member of Congress is eligible for any pension unless he or she has served in Congress for at least five years. Senators serve six-year terms; House members must seek reelection every two”) A US senator is GUARANTEED a retirement once elected. An incumbent house representative needs to only work 5 (FIVE!) years where most Americans work FIFTY to achieve a retirement that pales in comparison to those who are suppose to SERVE our needs and wishes! We need to ELECT people who will put an end to this ELITISM and return our government to what those who fought and died for our independence from the same type of self serving system wanted. Our FOUNDING FATHERS would roll over in their graves if they knew what this country has become!

  3. I think Jon Stewart is right – and I can’t believe this has to be “renewed” every few years. Maybe the politicians see 9/11 in their rear view mirrors- maybe they need to be reminded that despite the absolutely horrific and devastating events of that day, first responders didn’t let up, didn’t stop looking, didn’t stop their mission until there was nothing left but craters in the earth. Despite everything that happened, I never loved my Country more than at that moment, was proud that the govt got things done quickly for the good of all first responders and Americans. To show such little interest in the problems still plaguing these brave men and women is a slap in their face. They need to do better- no- they need to give their best. Shame on them.

    1. I did hear one of this the hosts on the Five last week mention, the problem is that the issue they’re having is now it’s not just first responders trying to get access, but so many who were just in the vicinity of the towers on 9/11 are now pushing to get paid. Lots of fraud and waste of resources.

  4. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you put “a no-brainer” in front of people with NO BRAINS (another Hollywood parallel, if you will)…!

  5. “Politics is just show business for ugly people.” –Jay Leno

    Hollywood may have prettier meat-puppets, but the elitism and arrogance are the same as DC. For once in my life I agree with Jon Stewart, who should know how out-of-touch Hollywood actually is.

    Remember the last time some D-lister lectured people on how they should live their lives? q.v. Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, Cher?

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