Stop What You’re Doing and Watch the Historic Speech Tim Tebow Just Gave, Wow

On Saturday, Tim Tebow appeared on ESPN to give a motivational speech directed at the Tennessee Volunteers right before they faced off against the number one seeded Alabama football team. While Tennessee ended up losing the game, the speech will go down as one of the best Tebow moments in history.

In classic Tebow form, he approached the tough game for Tennessee with a completely positive outlook, stating:

“You step up and let one thing define you. That’s your effort. That’s how much you care because in this game, Alabama’s better than you.

But let me tell you one thing that they better not be better at you than and that’s called heart. It’s called courage. It’s how much you care. Everybody wants to talk about discipline and heart work and all of these things. I don’t believe in them because when you care about something, that’s what makes you get up and work. That’s what makes you have discipline. So in this game, don’t flinch. Don’t be scared of Alabama. Don’t be scared of T-Town. Don’t be scared of their titles.

You walk into that stadium and you play with your brothers. You fight. And guess what? That’s gonna be enough. Cause right now, I believe in being humble and understanding where your blessings come from. But in this game, it’s about time you have some pride.”


Watch the full clip below.

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