Stranded Delta Passengers Got a Tasty Surprise From the Airline

On Wednesday, thunderstorms in Atlanta left hundreds of people stranded after many flights were cancelled or delayed.

The tension of flying tends to bring out the most animalistic instincts in human beings, so one airline made an attempt to tame the beasts within.

Delta ordered close to 600 pizzas for stranded fliers. One passenger posted a photo of a pile of pizza boxes that were waiting at a gate:

In a subsequent comment, Dana Key said the pizzas were served around lunch time and appeared to come from Dominos and Chanello’s.

Delta doesn’t seem to believe in “out of sight, out of mind,” and the pilot of one plane stuck on the tarmac handed out pizza to his passengers.

Delta’s pizza plan isn’t a new concept for the airline either. An airline spokesman Morgan Durrant told CNN:

“Airport station managers had the idea a few years ago, during severe weather, to order pizza for delayed customers. It has become one of our go-to tactics during severe weather.”

The small gesture seemed to be greatly appreciated, and Durrant admitted the airline has a “lot to improve on.” While the airline “can’t quite control the weather yet,” it can try to make its passengers more comfortable.

It seemed the entire airport crew chipped in and wanted to help spread the slices around:

Another Delta spokesman, Michael Thomas, told the Huffington Post that other cities got treated to free food as well. He said passengers in Nashville got foot-long subs and Panama City, Florida, enjoyed 20 trays of chicken biscuits.

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