13 Words Journalists Were Told Not to Say About Hillary Gets Exposed on NY & Las Vegas Street Art

Early Sunday morning, in advance of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement, posters began to appear all over New York and Las Vegas:

Four Hillary Pics

Each poster put up says “Don’t Say” at the top – a reference to the story from a few weeks ago where a political action group supporting Clinton released a list of words that would indicate “coded sexism” against her.

The words on the bottom of the posters included: entitled, secretive, polarizing, ambitious, insincere, and calculating. These were all on the list released of 13 words journalists reporting on Clinton were told not to use.

In the background, all of the banned words were repeated over and over:

rockefeller center

The posters were in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn Bridge

They were also in the subway station at Columbus Circle:

Columbus Circle

The New York Times building also got a taste:

New York times

A bunch went up right by the Clinton campaign headquarters:


This one needs no explanation:HillarysBigAnnouncement_059

Las Vegas was also given some decoration:


A pyramid scheme?


A group called Hillary Super Volunteers had “warned” journalists about ‘coded’ sexism and said they were watching out for thirteen words in particular.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick outed the ‘sexism’ hit squad:

No one has yet claimed credit for the art.

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