Florida Student President Faces Impeachment for Paying $50K Trump Jr. Speaking Fee

President Donald Trump isn’t the only president facing impeachment charges this week. The student government president at the University of Florida, Michael Murphy, was handed impeachment papers Tuesday for paying Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, $50,000 to speak at a campus event.

Because the cash came from the students’ tuition fees at the Gainesville, Fla., school, the payment for a speech by the president’s son on October 10 amounts to “abuse of power” and “malfeasance,” according to a report in the student paper, the Independent Florida Alligator.

“Our course of action is really to hold President Murphy accountable,” said Claudia Tio, one of the student senators who put forward the impeachment resolution. “He directly violated the 800 codes, which state that Student Government… activity and service fees are not allowed to be used on expenditures supporting any political party or candidates.”

Murphy has insisted in statements to the paper that the Trump Jr.-Guilfoyle event, a speech to some 800 students, was a non-political one. Emails that have since surfaced, however, show that Murphy was asked to bring Trump to campus by a woman who works on Trump Victory, the president’s re-election committee.

“Mr. Murphy not only endangered students marginalized by the speakers’ white nationalist supporters, but also abused his power to advance a particular political party at the expense of the students he should represent,” the impeachment resolution states.

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Nancy Assaf

I’d be interested to know how many “white nationalist” supporters would be there. In Dem terms, everyone who is not a Democrat is a White Nationalist.


Hmm, it does sound like he violated the terms. It would be interesting to find out if the same rules were enforced if a liberal candidate was paid to come speak. If not, it shouldn’t be enforced now. Even better, the Student Senate should have a say on how the money is spent in advance, when it’s thousands of dollars like this was.


Here we go again, more endangerment and peril on campus by free speech. Would they have objected if Murphy paid Bill Clinton’s typical fee of $250,000? I think not.


The left is insane. It’s that simple. I keep thinking it can’t get worse, yet here we are.

William Conley

This definitely wasn’t liberals being all pissed off definitely was about abusing his power to pay a speaker their fee for speaking. Bottom line is did don jr speak about politics or did he speak about other topics? If he said nothing political then take your little papers and shove them up your already sore butthole.





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