Students Fed Up with Politically Biased Professors Are Hitting Back with a New Weapon: Professor Watch List

Conservative student organization, Turning Point USA, has released a new project called the Professor WatchList. The website enables students and parents to research professors that have a history of promoting a radical liberal agenda in their classrooms.

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The organization and new project is the brainchild of Charlie Kirk, the 23-year-old founder and president of Turning Point USA.

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Boasting 1000 plus chapters nationwide and a presence in all 50 states, the four-year-old organization prides itself on developing conservative activists who stand up to big government in and out of their universities. The Professor WatchList is a culmination of years of information gathering from conservative students who feel that radical leaning professors give no space for unpopular thinking in the classroom. Think of the website as the new but for conservative, libertarian-leaning students.

Charlie Kirk told Independent Journal Review the site is merely a tool for students to help them make informed choices. Kirk writes:

“Alumni, donors, parents, and students deserve to know the biases that exist in our universities. This is an awareness tool, not calling for termination or action. We simply seek to educate the public on the radical behavior that has taken over our colleges and universities.”

The mission of the project is simple:

“…to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Kirk said that the website is entirely based on past real-life incidents of professors with a history of spreading radical liberal bias in their classes.

“Professor watchlist is an aggregated website focused on educating students, parents, and alumni on the biases that exist in college with specific, cited examples. This website will continue to gather examples citing each of them with news clippings and evidence.”

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In order to achieve this, Turning Point USA encourages students to send in tips of incidences of professors who meet the above criteria. College/millennial-focused news sites such as Campus Reform, a project of the conservative activist, Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, The College Fix, and Hypeline, a project of Turning Point USA have made names for themselves by covering liberal bias incidents on college campuses.

The news outlets are never wanting for material. Students send numerous tips each day to these publications. Biased professors are the subject of most of them.

“…we only publish profiles on incidents that have already been reported somewhere else.”, the website says.

Many students are hailing this initiative as positive and a much-needed tool to document the growing incidences of professors cramming their beliefs down student’s throats:

While some used the #ProfessorWatchList hashtag to encourage liberal professors to actually aspire to be included in the list, hailing it as a new liberal bucket-list:

Whether you view the watchlist as a useful tool to combat biased professors with a clear agenda in the classroom or you agree with Tom Nichols that the watchlist reminds him of the Soviet Union, one thing is clear: This project is already making waves.