WNBA Star Sue Bird Praises Girlfriend Megan Rapinoe After Trump’s ‘Hate-Filled Twitter Spree’

Megan Rapinoe
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

WNBA star Sue Bird is speaking out after her girlfriend, U.S Women’s National Soccer team star Megan Rapinoe, found herself on the receiving end of a Twitter tirade from the president.

President Donald Trump ranted at Rapinoe and announced his intention to invite the women’s team to the White House after the ongoing World Cup in France, win or lose. The tweets came after a video surfaced of Rapinoe saying she would not be going to “the f***ing White House.”

Bird praised Rapinoe for her work both on and off the field in an article for The Players’ Tribune on Tuesday ahead of the U.S. women’s semifinal match against England.

She opened by joking that she thought she was done with writing and “It would take the President of the United States going on a hate-filled Twitter spree trolling my girlfriend […],” to get her to write another column.

Celebrating Rapinoe’s goalscoring heroics on the world stage, Bird called her girlfriend “an athlete f***ing killing it.”

But the WNBA star shifted her focus to the topic of Trump’s Twitter rantings, calling it “WEIRD” and describing Trump’s actions as going “Full Adolescent Boy.”

Bird described the situation as simultaneously funny and scary.

“It would be ridiculous to the point of laughter, if it wasn’t so gross,” she wrote. “(And if his legislations and policies weren’t ruining the lives of so many innocent people.)”

But Bird offered high praise to Rapinoe for remaining unfazed by the bizarre situation:

“You just cannot shake that girl. She’s going to do her thing, at her own damn speed, to her own damn rhythm, and she’s going to apologize to exactly NO ONE for it. So when all the Trump business started to go down last week, I mean — the fact that Megan just seemed completely unfazed? It’s strange to say, but that was probably the only normal thing about it. It’s not an act with her. It’s not a deflection.”

Bird also noted how the Trump administration has consistently failed to honor women’s sports teams in the way they’ve routinely honored their male counterparts. The WNBA’s Seattle Storm, the team Bird plays for, were not invited to the White House following their 2018 championship.

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