11 Logos That Are Way Worse Than The ‘Trump Pence’ Logo

Shortly after announcing Mike Pence as his running mate on Twitter, Trump also unveiled the new logo in an email:

trumpence logo

Here’s a closer look.

tp again

Many people had questions.

And a slew of websites had stories about it:

  1. Daily Beast: Twitter Reacts to Terrible New Trump-Pence Campaign Logo
  2. Mashable: Donald Trump unveils his new campaign logo and the internet can’t stop making dick jokes
  3. The Hill: Trump-Pence logo mocked on social media for being ‘suggestive’

But, believe it or not, there are worse logos, like this one:

Image Credit: someecards.com

Rising Sun Sushi

sun rise
Image Credit: Sharbite.ca

The Computer Doctors

computer doctors
Image Credit: sharbite.ca

Kudawara Pharmacy

kudawara pharmacy
Image Credit: Heavy.com

Junior Jazz Dance Class

junior jazz
Image Credit: Heavy.com

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Image Credit: BusinessInsider.com

Arlington Pediatric Center

Image Credit: decibel.org


Image Credit: someecards.com

Islamic Understanding Institute

islamic understanding institute

A-Style (apparently, this one was done purposefully.)


The silver lining for Trump? It could’ve been worse.

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

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What do you think?

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