Ferguson, Missouri Residents Agree On One Thing When It Comes To The Michael Brown Shooting

After the shooting of Michael Brown, there has been anything but unity in the town of Ferguson, Missouri.

For days after the shooting, rioting, looting and enmity replaced the quietude of the the St. Louis suburb. Amid all the anger and derision, however, there’s one thing the people of Ferguson and surrounding St. Louis agree on: The media made everything worse.

A new public opinion poll by Remington Research Group, which surveyed residents of St. Louis County, shows that 73% of respondents think the media – complete with national anchors running to whatever outburst occurred – didn’t tell the real story of Ferguson.

In this video, the rapper who initially alerted his Twitter followers to the shooting expressed similar sentiments, complaining to CNN’s Don Lemon he, too, was skewing the coverage:

Still, there’s a huge divide on other key issues surrounding the shooting. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

65 percent of African-American county residents believe Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson acted unjustly when he ended Brown’s life Aug. 9 on a Ferguson street.


Conversely, 62 percent of the white residents surveyed by Remington believe the shooting death of Brown was justified.


An equally stark divide emerged on the question of whether Brown was “targeted because of his race.”


Over three-quarters of the white respondents — 77 percent — responded “no” while 64 percent of the African-American respondents answered in the affirmative.

While the investigation of the shooting moves forward, Ferguson residents have taken to city council meetings to rectify the perceived wrongs in the city. They’re hoping the media will get that part of the story right.