Susan Collins Becomes First GOP Co-Sponsor of Senate Bill to Combat Election Interference

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced that she would be crossing the aisle to join Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) on an election interference bill, becoming the first GOP senator to do so.

On Tuesday, the Maine senator tweeted that she would be signing onto Warner’s bill — the FIRE Act — as the measure’s first Republican co-sponsor.

The FIRE Act would “require presidential candidates” to immediately notify the Federal Elections Commission — who would then contact the FBI — if they are “contacted by a foreign power” that is trying to interfere in U.S. elections.

“Russia’s efforts to interfere in our elections remain relentless. I’m proud to join Sen. [Mark Warner] in cosponsoring the bipartisan FIRE Act to require presidential candidates to immediately call the FBI if they are contacted by a foreign power attempting to target our elections,” she tweeted.

Warner also published an announcement on Twitter, saying that it was integral to “make it clear for presidential campaigns” that they need to contact the FBI if foreign powers contact them in an attempt to “interfere in our elections.”

“Today I’m pleased to add [Collins] as a sponsor of the FIRE Act. We need to make it clear for presidential campaigns going forward: if a foreign power contacts you attempting to interfere in our elections, you call the FBI.”

Collins’s support for the measure comes as the issue of election security becomes increasingly partisan.

Senate Republicans — led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — have shot down attempts by the chamber’s Democrats to pass House Democrat legislation under the claims that the measures would benefit Democrats politically.

McConnell came under fire recently for blocking two attempts by Senate Democrats at passing election interference legislation by unanimous consent, with some members of the media smearing him as “un-American” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough attacking the Senate majority leader as “Moscow Mitch.”

As IJR Red previously reported, McConnell did not take these assertations sitting down, bringing the hammer to the Senate floor to blast Scarborough and the “hyperventilating hacks” by saying in a speech that “the outrage industrial complex doesn’t let a little thing like reality get in their way.”

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Had a beautiful young, 24 year old single lady in Nigeria send me her pictures (well, she said they were of her) and pleaded with me to help her get $12 million out of the Country.

Ya thinks I might need to contact the FBI? Or is this one of dozens of scams I receive monthly?

Gerald D Cline Jr.

So…? How do we get the Democrats to stop counting votes from dead people and illegal aliens?


So…if a Nigerian prince contacts you the FBI must be called? This is really bad news for those sites offering foreign brides, knockoff male enhancement, or others.

I’m thinking they will need a lot more FBI agents.


If I had burrito in DC would I need to call the FBI? How do you tell if the workers aren’t illegals working to undermine America? How about eating at an authentic Thai or Indian restaurant? Are THEY foreign agents? Good thing pizza’s now an American staple/ Or is it? The EU is watching. God forbid I order Korean or Chinese takeout. No more schnitzel, brats, or beer at the local German eatery. Maybe the workers are ex-Stasi. At least good Puerto Rican food is safe. It’s an American protectorate. Unfortunately I’ve found zero PR cuisine, good or not, on… Read more »


I’ve got an idea: Why don’t we begin looking at the DEMOCRATS who are the Supervisors of Elections in areas where those registered to vote out number the number of people who actually live there [Re: LA County, CA for one]? And those Supervisors of Elections who don’t like the outcome of an election; so, they manufacture ballots to provide the outcome the Dem Party wants. [Remember Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida?] And those States with thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS registered and did vote in 2016 [Re: VA.] WHY are we worrying about the Russians when the problem… Read more »

Qaz Wiz

another do-nothing, all-are-guilty piece of Legislation
one needs to read the minds of ALL non-citizens you come into contact with and report those intending to subvert our election process…
but not citizens intending to subvert our election process, they are called MEDIA! (aka Fake News)

but say “Hello” to a foreigner and slightest hint they might influence voting you’re guilty of not reporting their thoughts


The Russians and tin hat wearers are out in full force on this one.


Blithering idiot. I wish they could primary her out.





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