Suspect Boasts About Vandalizing Republican Headquarters After Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘I’m Happy About That’

The Winnebago County, Illinois, Republican Headquarters was vandalized on Sunday, and the suspect hours later said he was “happy” about the vandalization.

The suspect, Timothy Damm, boasted of his alleged crimes in a TV interview about the words “rape” and “shame” being spray-painted multiple times outside of the office — referencing accusations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

This vandalization comes amid many Republicans being attacked for supporting Kavanaugh. The Supreme Court nominee has been accused of sexual misconduct that occurred decades ago. He has denied the accusations, and the FBI is currently investigating.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

“I think it’s great,” Damm, presenting himself as a neighbor, told a reporter about the vandalism, WTVO-TV reported. “I haven’t been great with the Republicans right in my neighborhood, but somebody labeled them for what they are. I’m happy about that.”

State Rep. John Cabello posted photos of the vandalism on his Facebook page:

We can have our differences. We can have good spirited debate. I hope whover is responsible for this will be brought…

Posted by John Cabello on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Damm was detained Sunday and taken into custody Monday. He was charged with criminal defacement to property and resisting a police officer. He danced on the table in the police interview room, stacked chairs, and stripped down to his underwear before refusing to sit down in the holding room, Police finally restrained him with handcuffs, WTVO-TV reported.

“I’m an artist myself,” Damm said during the TV interview. “It’s hard to not focus on the beauty [of the vandalism.] It’s not about that.”

He was also asked if the vandal got the message across.

“I think they did … Republican equals rape,” he said. “That they support rape, they encourage rape, and if you rape someone, they will defend you.”

Watch the video below:

The date 9/27/18 was also spray-painted on the building as well as printed on the back on Damm’s pink T-shirt. It’s the date when Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, testified before members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Winnebago County Republican Party issued a statement following the incident.

“Hate has no place in the political process,” the statement read. “Violence has no place in the political process. … We do not seek to capitalize on victims’ lives or memories to advance a purely political agenda, as seen in the past month by Sen. [Dianne] Feinstein and our own Sen. [Dick] Durbin.”


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    1. Blivett here. Appears that to be a liberal one must have a little bit of a mental issue.

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