Swalwell Confronted About Repeated Collusion Claims With Montage of Past Comments — Still Won’t Drop It

Presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) refused to say he accepted that there was no collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia during an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Wednesday.

When presented with a montage of his past claims of Russian collusion, he refused to say he was wrong, instead suggesting he should have been “out there earlier,” once again claiming that “the Russians helped Donald Trump.”

As IJR News previously reported, the Mueller report into Trump’s 2016 campaign found no evidence of collusion with Russia, but Swalwell did not want to admit there was no collusion.

“I think he acts on Russia’s behalf, and I challenge him to show me otherwise,” Swalwell said.

However, Melber pointed out that Swalwell’s claims had no grounds to stand on based off of the lengthy report.

“You … were discussing it at the level of a financial link or a conspiratorial collaboration, which Mueller’s evidence doesn’t support,” Melber said. “So, I want to find out do you accept that?”

Watch below:

The presidential candidate then changed his claims slightly, suggesting that Trump’s campaign wanted to benefit from Russian interference.

“There’s evidence of collusion and coordination there. It doesn’t go beyond a reasonable doubt, but that doesn’t mean this is a good guy. We know the Russians helped him, he asked the Russians to help him, the campaign expected to benefit from it.”

He also questioned Trump’s current relationship with Russia, asking, “How do we know he’s not going to be blackmailed by Vladimir Putin?”

Melber pressed the issue one last time.

“You can ask all those tough questions,” Melber said, “but are you or are you not maintaining the asset theory, even though a 400-plus page report from Mueller does not document that.”

However, Swalwell stayed strong, saying that Trump “acts on Russia’s behalf too many times” and he is more concerned with their interests.

As IJR Red reported, Swalwell has been an outspoken critic of Trump and is known for his controversial policies on gun control.


  1. By their constant yelling and pointing fingers at Trump, democrats have people ignoring the facts within the emails. Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Donna Brazile and the DNC stole the democrat nomination from Sanders. Why haven’t they had their homes raided? The DNC didn’t even turn their serve over to the FBI, so how do we know Russia hacked it? At least two other companies said it couldn’t have been hacked, that the emails were downloaded directly from the server. By Whom?

    1. In the practice of sleight-of-hand it’s called “misdirection”. Deflection also works as a description of what they are doing.

  2. Duke Nukem needs to put up (HIS evidence) or shut up like comrade Schiff should. The divisiveness by the dimwit Party is becoming more evident as each of their comrades open their pie holes.

    1. If they were smarter, they’d realize that people are finally calling their bluffs. q.v. the vote on the GND.

      Let’s have Schitt, Nadler, and the Duke show what they have.

      Let’s have a Republitard start the impeachment procedings (that ought to pop some heads) then withdraw once enough Dims hop on.

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