‘He’s Betrayed Our Country’: Democrat Rep Doubles Down on Claims That Trump Is a Russian Agent

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) doubled down on his jaw-dropping claims that President Donald Trump is working on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During an interview on PBS’s “Firing Line,” host Margaret Hoover asked Swalwell about his unsubstantiated accusations against the president. The congressman didn’t back down.


“He’s betrayed our country. And I don’t say that lightly. […] He works on their behalf. Since he met with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in July where he took the interpreter’s notes, hasn’t told any U.S. official what they discussed. He has taken us out of Syria, which is a top priority of Russia. He sought to diminish or pull out the U.S. from NATO. And he’s easing sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s friends who are under investigation.”

Hoover pushed back on Swalwell’s claims, noting that President Trump did increase sanctions on Russia, armed Ukrainian soldiers, and has even killed a few hundred Russian soldiers during the dispute in Syria.

That wasn’t enough for Swalwell. He claimed Trump only signed sanctions against Russia “begrudgingly.” He also claimed that Trump’s joke calling on Russians to leak Hillary Clinton’s missing emails was proof he was encouraging Putin to get involved in U.S. elections.

Again, Hoover pushed back, saying, “You know as a prosecutor, that wouldn’t be evidence in court.”

Still, Swalwell wouldn’t back down. He pointed to the alleged process crimes of Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and Rodger Stone as additional evidence, even though every conviction or indictment has been for a crime that occurred after the investigation started.

“People only obstruct justice if they’re afraid what the underlying truth would reveal,” said Swalwell.

Hoover doubled down that Swalwell still hadn’t provided any evidence that President Trump is a Russian agent.

“It’s pretty clear,” Swalwell said. “It’s almost hiding in plain sight.”

Swalwell currently sits on the House Intelligence committee.

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Kenny King

If a vinegar and water douche was a person, he is what it would look like.


How original, clever and incisive! This guy’s a loser but what can one expect from a California democrat? So sad. On a higher note, Margaret Hoover has a decisive mental edge over the Swalwell dunce and a backbone where Swalwell has none, though It could be I suppose -like the evidence of Trump’s ruskie agency- “hiding in plain sight”

Laurie Cook

another in a long line of oxymorons, there is no intelligence in the house. He’s just trying to take the heat off of Pelosi and the less than creditable Democratic party and their treasonous acts in not securing our border

Vivian Parson

He is not very intellengent , can not imagine why he is on the house intellengence committe. I am so tired of people repeating crap they hear said when there is no proof. Get the proof then say it or keep the mouth shut.

Daniel Chamberlain

He’s just saying what we’re all saying already. Difference is he’s a politician, and thus the public life leads to him being heard more, hence the interview.

Rhonda Brockschmidt

He’s High ….


Please recall that Swalwell is willing to commit mass-murder on US citizens who do not agree with him via nuclear weapons. (let’s ignore how this renders moot any environmental claims he might make).

He’s an idiot. Two years plus and there’s NO evidence of collusion, despite the squandering of our tax dollars.





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