Swalwell Forced to Backpedal After Vowing to Give up His House Seat for Botched Presidential Bid

There’s confusion in Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-Calif.) world, as his past promises to not run for both president and reelection in the House are coming back to bite.

Swalwell — who was widely mocked after news broke that he was expected to drop out of the 2020 race — said his goodbye to his hopes of being the president in 2020, as he dropped out of the race on Monday, becoming the first major candidate to do so.

While ending his campaign, the Democratic lawmaker also announced he would run for reelection in his California district.

When confronted by a reporter on Monday about the time, before he launched his official 2020 campaign, when he said he “wouldn’t run for both,” Swalwell tried to backpedal with his claim that he “said that I wouldn’t seek both.”

“I’d said that I wouldn’t seek both. Our attorneys had told us that you could run for both. That decision would not have come until December and that if we were still in it in December, I wouldn’t seek both. But, you know, the polls have had their way, so here we are in July.”

See Swalwell’s recent comment below:

Asked directly in February on an “It’s All Political” podcast “… if you decide to run for president, would you give up your seat in Congress?” Swalwell responded, “Yes.”

“Well, I think if you’re seeking a big job that would affect so many people, I think you have to assure the people you’re asking to vote for you that you’re not hedging and you don’t have a lifeboat waiting for you,” he said at the time.

Check out his past comment below:

Swalwell had low-polling numbers throughout his campaign for president, and not much changed after he told 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden to “pass the torch” to a younger generation at the first Democratic debate.

Biden — who dismissed his remark at the time — delivered a farewell tweet to Swalwell after he dropped out, saying the Democrat ran a “passionate campaign” and that he looks “forward to continuing to work with him on the pressing issues facing Americans.”

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Phyllis Softa

Sorry I can not access the 2 comments on my posting. Many times I presume that IJR readers are unfamiliar with history. But I have difficulty understanding when IJR readers are unaware of the history that they lived –JUST 3 years ago.

Willie Horton

Swallowell is a retard

Gerald D Cline Jr.

Swalwell is still being BOLD…without the “bold…” ya-think…?!?!? LOL….

william jackson

Typical D-RAT—always lying—never trustworthy—-their word is as solid as jello. Scumbag. Too frequently D-RAT liars, when faced with nonsense like this, always opt for the option that will reward them the most—-then they do the word substitution trick or declare the infamous: “I was taken out of context…” The D-RAT playbook includes the 3 D’s:
My playbook for D-RATs includes only 1 D:

Phyllis Softa

Gee, a presidential candidate drops out of the race and runs for re-election of his congressional seat. THAT has not occurred since 2016 Republican primary election campaign when Rand Paul and Marco Rubio dropped out and ran for re-election to their Senate seats. Rand Paul wanted to run for both, but Kentucky law did not allow it. BUT, Rubio claimed he hated being a Senator and would not run for re-election. Were you folks thinking Swalwall’s move was a historic moment??? Hate to disappoint but it was not.


Swallowingwell back to what he does best has choked on his words. Typical politician always has a lie saved for the moment when someone questions his past words and actions!

Jeff T.

Like so many of the Democratic candidates, Swalwell is misguided. They are convinced in their own minds that the policies, constraints and fiats they would impose on Americans will make our lives better. This is what every dictator thinks like and they are always wrong.

r spree
r spree

We need laws in this country to the effect that a person holding any public office may not announce or campaign for candidacy to any other public office while they are still serving original term. I get sick of people who get elected to one office and right away they are racing to run for the next one. It’s BS.

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