Tammy Duckworth Tears Into Trump Over Vietnam Draft-Dodging Defense: ‘No One Believes You’

Donald Trump
Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Donald Trump’s history with the military has been complicated since he reportedly dodged the draft as a youth, claiming to have bone spurs in his heels to get out of Vietnam. There’s little doubt that Trump falsified his disability and the New York Times even tracked down the doctor who allegedly wrote Trump’s note.

But the president has rarely talked about that period of his life. On Wednesday, he was asked about it by a British reporter and said: “I was never a fan of that war I’ll be honest with you.”

When asked if he would have served, the president said: “I would not have minded that at all, I would have been honored but I think I’m making up for that right now.”

That didn’t exactly fly with Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs fighting in Iraq. Duckworth slammed Trump in a tweet, writing, “No one cares whether you were a ‘fan’ of the Vietnam war. No one believes you were medically unfit to serve.”

The senator put together a string of tweets blasting Trump for trying to fund his wall with money from the Defense budget and banning transgender troops from the military.

Duckworth closed by calling Trump a chicken, tweeting, “These comments only make one thing clear: Donald Trump got his deferments for the wrong thing. They shouldn’t have been for his disappearing, imaginary bone spurs—they should have been for that yellow streak down his back.”

This isn’t the first time that Duckworth has slammed Trump for his military record. In January, during a speech on the floor of the Senate, she called him a “five-deferment draft dodger” and “Cadet Bone Spurs.”

Criticism of Trump’s military record has been revisited a lot as he prepares to run for reelection. Democratic contender Pete Buttigieg has repeatedly ripped Trump as a draft dodger.

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I have no doubt that his family profited from the Vietnam war, as many off the top 2% did. Especially those heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry. Make no mistake, that war was fought only for the freedom of those giant corporations to continue to increase their profits..

Lois Lange
Lois Lange

I believe he was petrified of going to war. He got out of it because he was a rich guy. Nobody is for war but brave men go to fight for our freedom. He is a narcissistic coward in every sense of the word. I can’t stand to look at him or listen to him when he is on TV because he is a LIAR! I don’t believe anything he says and Mitch McConnell is just as bad. Every Democrat has to get out and vote BLUE come November 2020.

Mary Benghauser Croft
Mary Benghauser Croft

My dad tried 3 time to join up during WWII . They denied him because he was to old (he was 32). Third time he told them he has a college degree from Michigan, and he went in as a Staff Sargent. Go figuar.he was Stationed in England most of the time.he did open up some about the bombing

Bette House Tetreault

He clearly said before his election, “I love war”!!! Another example of Trump’s continuous game of lie, after lie, after lie, after lie. He’s really good at saying what people want to hear at the moment, but he’s terrible at remembering what lie he fed them before……….or maybe he’s lying now……who the heck can keep track of all these lies?

General Confusion

The Trump cult is so confusing.

If a Democrat President had done something similar, they would be ripping into him as if there was no tomorrow! What makes them give King Donald The Loser a pass? Blind loyalty? What?

Nancy Pelosi

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