After Biker-Police Clash in Waco, a Tattoo Shop’s Sign Makes It Very Clear What Side They’re On

There was a time when it was not unusual to see a sign at a business stating they had the “right to refuse service to anyone.” Now, a similar message is again in the news.

An Oklahoma tattoo shop has posted a sign on its door declining service to law enforcement officers due to “events in Waco, TX and other places:”

Image Credit: Twitter

They also posted a related Facebook status, which has since been removed.

The post stated that bikers would get a discount but that police would not be served:

Image Credit: Twitter

According to The Blaze, Norman Tattoo then posted another message to Facebook that read:

Recent events in Waco, TX led us to the unfortunate decision that we simply can’t risk having that kind of thing in our shop. This is a family business.

That post has also since been removed.

News on 6 reports that the original post had almost 1,000 shares at the time of writing, and adds the following:

News 9 talked to the owner Saturday, who did not want to go on camera. He told us he believes the deaths in Waco were a result of police brutality and he does not feel safe around police.

We called Norman police and asked them about the tattoo shop. They told us they do not have a comment on the posts.

Even though the relevant posts have been removed, people are still commenting on the Norman Tattoo Facebook page with a variety of opinions on the matter. One new post from the business appears to comment on the situation:

Wolves don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

Posted by Norman Tattoo on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Opposing Views writes that shop owner Frank Robinson has commented about the shop’s stance:

“The fact that police are admittedly in possession of video of the entire event, yet have not released it, is more than a little frightening,” Robinson noted. “They seem to bring chaos and intimidation everywhere they go.”

He added that he has been threatened and insulted on social media and by phone for the decision to not serve police.