Teacher Forces Entire Class to Relocate to Get Away from ‘A**hole’ Student Wearing a MAGA Hat

A high school teacher forced his class to relocate after a student refused to take off his Make America Great Again hat, according to a video posted by Frank Sharp.

The altercation started after a teacher asked the student to remove his hat due to a dress code rule banning hats. The student countered, claiming that the rule is never enforced. He accused the teacher of targeting him because of the political nature of the red MAGA hat and its ties to President Donald Trump.

From there, the conversation became very heated.


Teacher: We do have rules that we push back against and we bend and that’s part of the nature of a high school. We have to constantly bend rules, alright. And part of that is the nature of who’s here and why they’re here and the fact that like nothing is so steadfast that we have to be completely to the letter of it. […]

Student: I don’t get what that has to do with expressing my political views.

Teacher: My point is about the nature of rules. And so in this particular case, the very clearly written rule is there are no hats to be worn in school can easily be applied to ask you to stop provoking people.

Student: I wasn’t provoking people.

Teacher: People are provoked by the presence of your hat.

The teacher claimed that the problem was “100 percent about the rules,” not the student’s political beliefs, but when the student pressed his teacher about it, the teacher escalated things quickly.

“Really, you just need to be a bit cool. Take your hat off or get out,” the teacher told the student.

The student replied, “I willing to participate and keep going in class. I don’t know what the hat has to do with it.”

Then, the teacher lost it.

“You’re putting me in the position where I’m either going to gather everybody up and go to another classroom and you can remain here, like an asshole, or you can take your hat off or you can go talk to an [assistant principal] about it. What do you want to do?”

The student replied, “I can’t sit here and learn?”

“Not with that hat on,” said the teacher.

The student asked the teacher, “Don’t we have a freedom of expression and a freedom to education?”

“I don’t care,” the teacher said. He then gathered the student up and started to leave.

The video was captured by a student in the room and uploaded to Youtube. It isn’t yet clear what ramifications will be held for either the student or the teacher. On the Youtube video, Sharp seemed to be hedging his bets against punishment by noting:

“In my state, it is legal for a person to record a wire, oral or electronic communication if that person is a party to the communication, or if one of the parties has consented to the recording so long as no criminal or tortious intent accompanies the recording.”

This is not the first time a young person has been confronted because of a MAGA hat. As IJR previously reported, MAGA hats have been the source for several assaults.

What do you think?


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Mario Martinez

1. Teacher allowed other student in the class to wear a RESIST hat. This is why he had to explain that rules can be bent.
2. He called the student an Asshole after lecturing him on adulthood, rules, and choices.
3. The teacher chose to call the student an ASSHOLE!!
I want to know what school district this is and what school this is. This teacher should not be teaching children if he cannot act like an ADULT!

Mary Gray Whitcomb

I am glad he left the hat on and pushed back. We better push back or we are all going to be silenced forever!

Darren Jew

I’m pro-Trump… but if there is a US flag in that classroom, proper etiquette is the hat must be removed to respect the flag. If No US flag is in the classroom he should be able to leave the hat on. I would be surprised if this teacher actually displayed Old Glory in his classroom.

Karen Winkle

Having had run-ins with school boards before, I can say with all honesty that ‘the rule” would have been ignored except for the fact the kid was supporting Donald Trump.


Is this REALLY being passed off as a freedom of speech article? There is a dress code to not wear hats. I’m not going to take the kid’s word for it that it isn’t enforced.

The teacher asked him to remove his hat and this kid didn’t – purposefully taking up everyone’s time. The teacher had a lot more patience with him than i would have.





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