Cruz Accepts Yang’s Basketball Challenge, Tells the Presidential Candidate to ‘Bring It’

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A showdown the likes the world has not seen since the famous interstellar game between the Looney Tunes with ringer Michael Jordan and the Monstars is brewing.

On Wednesday, Fox News producer Pat Ward retweeted a video of 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang shooting some hoops a day ahead of the third Democratic primary debate in Houston, Texas.

Ward proclaimed that he “need[ed]” to see a game between Yang and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) play out.

Initially, Cruz wrote off the request, tweeting back at Ward that a person needs to “poll at 5% or more” to play a game on the Texan’s court.

However; the idea had already reached the eyes of Yang, who responded with a screenshot of a recent “The Hill/HarrisX” poll that placed him at exactly five percent.

“Ted I would be delighted to beat you in basketball,” wrote the Democratic presidential candidate. He also included a smiling emoji and an emoji of a basketball.

Cruz wrote back in the wee hours of Thursday morning, telling Yang to “bring it” and calling for a “4 on 4” Houston, Texas showdown on Friday between the two political players and their respective teams.

The Texas senator also proposed the loser of the game give $5,000 to the “non-political” charity of their choice.

“Bring it. 4 on 4, you plus three of your paid staffers vs me and three of my paid staffers (no outside ringers). Say, this Friday afternoon in Houston?” wrote Cruz. “The loser gives $5k to the (non-political) charity of the winner’s choice? Game?”

Yang has since responded asking for a “one-on-one” game between him and the two-term senator to “give the fans a show.”

Cruz responded by sizing Yang up and accepting the challenge, pointing out that the rising Democratic primary star is “taller” than the Texas senator, can dunk “on an 8-foot rim,” said he was a “better shot,” and called him “altogether, pretty strong.”

He also included a gif of the Rock with the words “just bring it.”

Yang stands at a height of five feet and 10 inches and Cruz at five feet and eight inches.

While Yang seems confident he can give Cruz a run for his money, the Texas Republican has already proved himself an apt basketball player.

Last year, Cruz defeated late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel in a one-on-one basketball game 11 points to 9.

The game took place at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas and was originally supposed to go to 15 points, but was cut short because it was reportedly taking too long.

Cruz had made a similar deal with Kimmel that the loser of the game would donate $5,000 to the non-political charity of their choice.

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With every one of the clowns dropping in the polls and none qualified to clean the Oval Office bathroom, do you think Marxist #44 will still endorse GOP Trump; or maybe go with John Ellis Bush (JEB)?


Wow. Cruz is really working on his visibility. First by meeting with Alyssa Milano to discuss their viewpoints on rights vs. gun control.

Now he’s doing charity. At least he won’t challenge Bernie to a “Bad Hair Day” contest.





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