Cruz Explains Why Forcing Green New Deal Vote Wasn’t ‘Grinch-Like’ With Laundry List of Idea’s Problems

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote an op-ed examining the policies of the Green New Deal and why they would most likely be more destructive than beneficial for America.

The lawmaker first went after the cost of the policies, claiming that the multi-trillion dollar price tag could surpass the combined spending of the government since 1789. As IJR Red previously reported, several major projects were funded for a fraction of the cost.

“However, according to an estimate from the American Action Forum, the Green New Deal may cost between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over 10-years,” said Cruz. “To put that into context: $93 trillion amounts to around $10 trillion more than the entire recorded spending of the U.S. government since 1789, meaning it would cost each American family roughly $65,000 every year.”

Cruz also called out issues with using one specific energy source based on reports that they generated less than ten percent of energy. Energy sources such as natural gas were cited by Cruz as being another way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Calling for 100 percent of America’s electricity to be provided by zero-emission energy sources within a decade completely ignores the fact that wind and solar generated less than 8 percent of the U.S. energy needs in 2017,” said Cruz.

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Other policies that Cruz pointed out as being unsustainable were providing affordable housing and developing transportation technologies that would completely replace air travel. Cruz concluded that while he is not against any of these policies in principle, he couldn’t support something that would put a destructive financial burden on the government.

When the Green New Deal was voted down this week, it was not simply an instance of Grinch-like accountants picking apart well-intentioned visions for a brighter future. I respect my Democratic colleagues enough to take their ideas seriously, and I was disturbed by how dangerous those ideas were to millions of hard-working Texans, and millions of families across America.

He instead encouraged lawmakers to look for sustainable policies that work well in order for everyone to support them.

“Instead, I’d urge my fellow senators to double down on the policies that are already improving countless lives, expanding economic opportunities, and saving the environment today,” said Cruz. “Giving innovators the space to create and improve technologies, and employers the leeway to grow and offer more good-paying jobs in our communities: these are deals that we can all get behind.”

As IJR reported, the Senate struck down the Green New Deal legislation, with some Democrats claiming it was a rushed vote.

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