‘Vicious Death Threats’ are Flooding Ted Cruz Supporters. Now, the Texas Senator is Naming Names…

Speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz leveled some heavy accusations at the Trump campaign, as well as his supporters.

The accusations can be broken down into four segments.

1) Cruz said the Colorado GOP is being threatened

“I spoke to the Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party [Steve House]. The Trump supporters put out his phone number, put out his address. He’s been receiving death threats. They’re telling people to come to his house with guns, because the Trump campaign is so unhappy that they lost the election.”

Twitter user and Trump supporter @Thomas1774Paine tweeted the names, phone numbers and addresses of multiple Colorado GOP officials. We’ve screen-captured the tweets that contain personal information:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

The above are just two examples. As of this publication, there are a combined 1,750 retweets containing the personal information of Colorado GOP officials.

Steve House posted a message on Facebook claiming he’s received at least 3,000 phone calls, and even death threats:

Image Credit: Screenshot

2) Cruz said that Trump confidant Roger Stone threatened delegates

“Roger Stone, who has been Trump’s chief political advisor…he said, ‘We’re going to make public the hotel rooms of any delegates who cross Donald’–threatening violence…[Stone] is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump’s henchman and dirty trickster.”

This is at least partially true. Stone did indeed threaten to make available the rooms of delegates, and encourage protestors to “visit them.” Whether or not that’s a threat of violence is ambiguous.


3) Cruz said Trump surrounds himself with violent people

“And this pattern–Donald keeps associating himself with people who encourage violence.”

While Roger Stone officially left the Trump campaign in August, he is a close friend and advocate of the billionaire.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes:

“Trump without Stone is akin to George W. Bush without Karl Rove or Barack Obama without David Axelrod.”

At the very least, Stone appears to be encouraging confrontation with delegates, if not outright violence.

Additionally, Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski is facing battery charges for allegedly manhandling former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields in Jupiter, Florida.

4) Cruz said Trump encourages violence

“Trump himself has directed his supporters to punch protesters in the face. Trump himself has tried to incite riots. He said if he’s not the nominee, there will be riots…We should not be inciting violence. Donald is not Michael Corleone. And I think it is wrong to be threatening delegates, to be threatening voters with physical violence. Donald is behaving like a mobster. His campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs, threatening violence.”

At multiple rallies, Trump has advocated violent behavior on the part of his supporters, including telling a crowd that if someone tried to throw a tomato at him (as his security had told him might happen), they should “knock the crap out of them.”

Trump also claimed in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “riots” might occur if he loses the nomination.

Here’s a video montage of all the times Trump has called for violence at his rallies or otherwise:

The battle for the nomination is getting more than heated, it’s getting nasty–and it’s only April. There’s a long way to go until the convention, and you can anticipate the mud getting much, much deeper as we get closer to July.

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