Stephen Colbert Sends Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to Texas to Confront Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke

All eyes are on the Texas Senate race, and even late night hosts are getting involved.

Stephen Colbert was just the latest comedian to take on the Texas race, sending Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, to speak with both candidates in the heated race.

Colbert noted that Triumph had been unsuccessful in confronting Senator Ted Cruz during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, but Triumph’s luck was a bit better this time around.

Triumph spoke with Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke first and joked with him about his support with younger voters.

“Does it concern you that half your base thinks they can vote for you through Instagram?” he asked.

Watch the video below:

But while Triumph seemed to take it easy on O’Rourke, incumbent Cruz didn’t have such luck.

“Ted, is it true you will defend the constitution at all costs, except for when Donald Trump calls it ugly on Twitter?”

Seemingly unfazed by Triumph’s reference to President Donald Trump’s 2016 attacks on Cruz’s wife, the Texas Senator reaffirmed his support for the Constitution and dismissed any concerns about Twitter.

Despite the jokes at his expense, Cruz did play along with the bit, even telling a police officer who appeared to be holding Triumph back that everything was okay. But Cruz’s friendliness didn’t dissuade the comic from continuing to mock him.

“Nobody should be yelling at this man in a public place,” Triumph said, mocking calls for civility after Cruz was shouted out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant. “I mean, doesn’t the man have a right to sit down in a restaurant and enjoy a meal that five waiters have spit in?”

Still appearing unfazed, Cruz attempted to hit back at the dog puppet. “Just remember,” Cruz cautioned Triumph. “It wasn’t the Republicans, it was the Democrats, that took you into the vet to get fixed.”

But Triumph seemed ready for the remark and hit Cruz with one parting shot. “Hey, I support spaying and neutering,” he explained, “just like Trump did to you.”