‘What Does That Even Mean, Ted’: Latest Anti-Cruz Ad Hits Cruz For Not Liking Texas Whataburger

C’mon, Ted!

ted cruz advertisement beto o'rourke

Ted Cruz is the butt of another joke, this time it’s an ad aimed at the senator’s appreciation for the fast food joint, White Castle, instead of Texas’ Whataburger.

In the clip — which was funded by the “Fire Cruz” PAC — a man sitting at a diner says, “Everybody I know in Texas likes Whataburger.”

The video then cuts to a clip of Cruz on the Senate floor saying that he likes White Castle burgers, to which the character responds, “There’s not a White Castle within 900 miles of Texas, Ted.” He ends with a quip about Cruz’s Canadian origins and a final, “C’mon, Ted.”

Watch the video below:

The bit stems from an August statement from Cruz’s campaign calling Beto O’Rourke a “triple meat Whataburger liberal.”

While Cruz praised White Castle, O’Rourke is frequently spotted at Whataburger. He’s been seen skateboarding in the parking lot and playing the air drums in the drive-thru. His campaign signs even look more than a little bit like the Whataburger logo.

The clip is the second ad from Hollywood director Richard Linklater, who led the iconic early-90’s film, “Dazed and Confused.” In the first clip, which went viral online, the actor chuckles at Cruz’s “Tough as Texas” slogan and criticizes his fawning over President Donald Trump.

Cruz and O’Rourke are locked in a tough battle for the Senate seat, but Cruz still has the upper hand in the Lone Star state. There have been occasional polls showing O’Rourke closing the gap, but those rays of hope are often dimmed quickly — the Real Clear Politics average shows Cruz leading handily.

But there’s no denying that O’Rourke has become a political icon in the past few months. His campaign recently reported a mind-boggling $38.1 million in fundraising last quarter. That’s more than Cruz has raised in this entire race. And last weekend, Rep. Joe Kennedy III, another political up-and-comer traveled to Texas to hit the campaign trail with O’Rourke.

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I am more interested in where the candidates stand on tax cuts, sending alien gang members back home to Mexico, a growing economy where everyone can find a job BUT if hamburgers are your thing then vote for “The Whataburger Guy.” Really stupid people.


Avoid the issues that matter like a bunch of dem douchebags.


These ads are fun but still cutting. Going to watch the debate in a short while. Go get’m, Beto!

Check out Richard Ojedas’ ads, though. I haven’t seen anything like them in a long, long time.


Raphael is one smarmy douchebag. What an embarrassing cuck!!!!

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