Teen Climate Activist Get Chilly Reception in Canadian Oil Country

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Swedish climate change teen activist Greta Thunberg before a climate strike march in Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 27, 2019. REUTERS/Andrej Ivanov
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Swedish climate change teen activist Greta Thunberg before a climate strike march in Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 27, 2019. REUTERS/Andrej Ivanov

Rousing calls from Sweden’s Greta Thunberg for action to halt climate change received a chilly reception in Canada’s oil country over the weekend, with vandals defacing a freshly-painted mural of the teen climate activist and counter-protestors demanding that she “shut up” until she had “solutions.”

Local artist AJA Louden painted the mural on a wall near the provincial legislature in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, on Friday. Louden said he wanted to celebrate the celebrity activist’s appearance in Edmonton Friday at a protest in which thousands marched against climate change.

By Sunday, however, the mural had already been defaced. One man, James Bagnell, spray-painted the words “Stop the Lies. This is Oil Country” over the teen’s face in full view of CBC camera crews on the scene.

“This is Alberta. This is oil country. My father has worked in the oil industry. We don’t need foreigners coming in and telling us how to run our business, support our families, put food on our tables,” he told the CBC journalists.

Thunberg’s speech at the rally was described as “gracious” and “articulate” by some observers. She told the crowd that rich countries should do more to reduce their carbon emissions faster. “We’re not doing this because it’s fun or because we have a special interest in the climate or because we want to become politicians when we grow up. We’re doing this because our future is at stake,” she said.

Others at the event were not as welcoming. The protest was met with a counter-protest by oil and gas workers driving big-rig trucks emblazoned with “We Love Canada Energy” signs. Organized by a group called United We Roll, the workers blared their horns to protest what it called foreign activists campaigning against the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Alberta is home to Canada’s vast oil reserves, estimated to be the third-largest in the world.

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Pat Hamm
Pat Hamm

She is a puppet being used to keep on pushing lies being fed to the public by interest groups .
She should be at home in Sweden working on her true educational studies , not be shelled out by her greedy parents and whomever is funding this bs trip .


This liberal, brainwashed drone child needs to go home and never come back.


Poor little indoctrinated girl who doesn’t know anything about what affects climate change. She is being used by Liberals to support their agenda and make money. She should be ignored.

William Conley

All I know is if she isn’t traveling on foot or by horse and buggy and using wind powered boats for any travel across the ocean she’s a damn hypocrite. Hey you guys stop using so much fossil fuels while I travel around the god damn planet on a likely private jet definitely a plane in general.

Tom Bodine

Still have my doubts that she is a teenager more like 25, that aside the little shit needs to learn where and where not to promote the Soros BS and where it will affect peoples livelihood isn’t a good place.

Captain Snowflake

When this little girl- along with all the other “experts” can explain to me how man causes the end of the last ice age I will be on board.

If she wants to “protest” climate change she should be praying about it. Tell God how unhappy you are.

william jackson

Send this Swedish twerp home—-she is full of Pelosi!


This so-called “climate change” hoax is another way for the Socialists to separate us from our money; along with Medicare for All, the Green Nutty Deal and the $2.75 TRILLION Chief Spreading Bull (Dizzy Warren) now wants for FREE day care and paying off student debt. Socialism 101 in progress.





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