Teen Who Shot His Neighbor for No Good Reason Has a Name So Ironic It Doesn’t Seem Real

There is nothing genius or wise about shooting another person for no good reason.

However, when it comes to this next story, genius and wisdom have everything to do with it—literally.

In August of 2013, a 13-year-old boy from St. Petersburg, Florida, was arrested for attempted first-degree murder after he shot and severely wounded 15-year-old Dinarick Ford.

Ford was riding by on his bike by 2584 16th Ave. S. when he allegedly stopped to taunt the shooter, which is when all hell broke loose:

Image Credit: Google Maps

But that’s not the reason that people are talking about this story — it has everything to do with the name of the shooter:

Le’Genius Wisdom Williams.

As mentioned above, there was nothing genius or wise about Le’Genius Wisdom Williams’ attempted murder.

Le’Genius Wisdom Williams, who is currently 16 years old, was just sentenced to eight years in prison for his crime.

And as one Twitter user commented, much more was expected from him:

Ford, meanwhile, has since recovered from his injuries.

What do you think?

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