Teen Thinks She’s Alone During Her Medical Treatment. Then She Notices the Cell Phone at Her Feet

She thought she was alone in the room during her dermatology treatment. But that was before she saw the cell phone.

As The Morning Call reports, the 17-year-old girl had been receiving light treatments for a skin condition at Penn Medicine Dermatology in Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania. James Close, a 45-year-old licensed practical nurse, was the technician assigned to help the teen during her treatments.

On this occasion, the girl undressed and entered the light booth as usual. But as the treatment started, she noticed an iPhone on the floor. Worse, she could see her nude reflection on the screen.

That’s when she realized the phone was recording live video— and it had been recording her in the nude for about 25 seconds.

Distressed, the teen brought the phone to the clinic’s staff, who contacted the police. According to WPVI News, police searched the phone (which was identified as belonging to Close) and found 18 videos of patients in the light booth.

Bucks County District Attorney’s Office

The New York Post reports that the videos depicted the teen and seven other female patients— all of whom were unaware they were being filmed.

Four of the women were totally nude in the video clips and one was undressed from the waist down. Close’s voice can be heard in a few of the videos and in one, his face can be seen.

According to the date stamps, Close made the videos between January 18 and February 13. They ranged from 13 seconds to three minutes long. There are also three more videos of the teen girl.

Penn Medicine would not disclose how long Close was an employee or whether he had any previous discipline issues. In a statement to the Post, a Penn Medicine spokeswoman said:

We are appalled at the actions of this former employee and are cooperating fully with the police as they investigate this very disturbing matter.

Now Close has been arrested and charged with more than 45 crimes, including filming a nude child and 36 counts of invasion of privacy. He is currently being held at Bucks County Correctional Facility on $100,000 bail.

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