Biden Demands Warren ‘Tell Us the Truth’ About the Costs of Medicare for All

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) asked fellow Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), to “tell us the truth” about the costs of her Medicare for All proposal on Monday night.

At a CNN town hall, Biden was asked by a professor why he didn’t support Medicare for All and he accused Warren of lying about the costs and timeline of the plan.

Biden went on to outline the differences between his plan and his competitors’ Medicare for All programs, saying that people “should be entitled choose to keep [their plan] if they wish.”

Watch his comments below:

He also argued that Congress would not pass Medicare for All promptly adding that other programs, such as student debt forgiveness, could be implemented faster.

Additionally, he slammed Warren for not being honest about the cost of the program, saying that several studies have found that middle-class Americans would see their taxes go up in order to pay for Medicare for All.

“I mean, don’t you think you’re entitled to know whether or not your taxes are going to go up higher than the benefit than you will get? Significantly higher. That’s what almost every single study, professor, you know says. You know it says that. And so how do you explain that? Well, you should stand up and do at least what Bernie did and say, yup, it’s going to cost 7.5% more in your withholding tax, meaning your pay will be deducted another 7.5%, and on top of that, a 4% to 5% tax increase. Well, that makes sense. But that only gets you halfway there. There’s a little bit of truth in lending here.”

When asked about Warren’s comments that Biden should run in the Republican primary because of his policies, Biden argued she has an elitist attitude towards Americans.

“The attitude that we know better than ordinary people what’s in their interest. I know more than you, let me tell you what you to do. And it wasn’t she’s elitist, the attitude is elitist that people can’t make up their own minds. You like your health insurance, but you shouldn’t like your health insurance, you should have to give that up. I’m going to demand you not have that, we’re going to give you something better. I know what I want. So that is an attitude you’re telling me it’s my way or the highway. It not about her; it’s about the attitude out there. The attitude that we know best, you do it my way.”

Additionally, he said voters would resent the government taking away their private healthcare plans and replacing them with something that they don’t have a voice in choosing.

He went on to demand that Democrats that support the program “tell us the truth about what is going to happen” with the implementation of the program and questioned whether they know how much it is projected to cost, “Maybe they really don’t have any idea what it’s going to cost.”

As the segment concluded, Biden asked participants to raise their hands if they believed Medicare for All could be implemented without raising taxes on the middle-class Americans.

Biden asked the professor if he believed the program could be implemented within five or ten years, saying, “He’s a professor; that’s why I know he knows the answer.”

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