Terrifying Moment a McDonald’s Drive-Thru Employee Tries to Rescue Little Girl from Disturbed Parents

In July 2016, Jessica Wilson was left stranded outside a McDonald’s in Hamilton County, Ohio, “desperately asking someone to call 911.”

The father of her youngest child had just driven away with all four of her kids after severely beating her…

The trial revolving around the incident began this Tuesday. And as Wilson’s attorneys recounted what happened that night, they revealed that what was captured by a McDonald’s security camera was only the tip of the iceberg.

According to Cincinnati.com, assistant prosecutor said that for Wilson, the entire evening was “a night of sheer terror.”

Hours before taking her children, Levenski Crossty broke into Wilson’s house by pushing in an air conditioning unit and climbing through her window.

Image Credit: Hamilton County Jail

Wilson told the court that after Crossty broke in, she tried to lock herself in the bathroom, but he forced his way inside. Wilson describes his demeanor:

“He was ranting and raging.”

Crossty’s infuriation was allegedly due to his belief that Wilson had cheated on him.

After Crossty beat her, Wilson and her children ended up in his car, but she couldn’t recall exactly how they got there.

She said it was there that the beatings worsened. Crossty repeatedly demanded she give him the passcode to her phone so that he could see who she’d been texting.

She told the court she eventually gave him the passcode, recalling:

“He kept hitting me, [he] wouldn’t stop.”

Wilson also couldn’t remember exactly where he stopped the car and how many times, but she did know they stopped at Crossty’s sister’s home. When she tried to escape from him there, he  bit her hand.

She then recalls telling him that the kids needed to eat, which was when Crossty pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The surveillance footage shows Wilson getting out of the car with their 2-year-old daughter, trying to reach the drive-thru employee.

Image Credit: Screenshot/CCTV

Crossty immediately jumped out of the car as well and can be seen pulling the little girl back into the vehicle as the employee was reaching for her. Prosecutors said the employee pleaded:

“Hand the child to me.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/CCTV

But Crossty soon drove off, leaving Wilson with two black eyes, bruises, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand.

Crossty is facing charges of felonious assault, theft, and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.

However, his defense argued that his offenses only qualified as a misdemeanor domestic incident. His attorney said that Crossty drove away with the children because Wilson was intoxicated and he was protecting them.

He said Crossty drove straight to his father’s home and dropped the children there so they would be safe:

“There is no abduction[.] There is no kidnapping[.] There is no theft.”

But when the prosecution informed the judge that Crossty called Wilson multiple times from jail and attempted to convince her to hide the subpoena ordering her to appear in court, the judge revoked his right to use the jail’s phone.

We will update you on this case as information becomes available.

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