Texan Goes on TV to Defend Second Amendment After Church Shooting, But His Shirt Steals the Show

A father whose son witnessed the horrific mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, came out in support of the Second Amendment following the massacre.

The Texan, Mike Jordan, was first asked by Fox News host Laura Ingraham if anyone was carrying a firearm when the gunman opened fire in the church.

Jordan then revealed that an acquaintance of his son, who was at the church when the shooting occurred, usually carries, but he left his gun at home with his wife that day.

“A small town like this, you know, people show up to church, they disarm, leave their guns in the car, because you don’t expect something like this to happen,” Jordan responded.

Jordan couldn’t help but wonder, “What if this was the day that he didn’t leave that firearm at home? What if he did take it with him?”

The Texan admitted that it’s hard to be prepared for a “psycho” to open fire inside a church, but he still wishes someone there had been able to return fire.

WATCH: Jordan’s full interview below via Fox News

“If you have one person on the inside that is armed to return fire, it may not have stopped people from dying, but it would have … been a distraction, it would have got that guy’s attention.”

While Jordan’s pro-gun argument will certainly garner some attention, it’s the shirt that he decided to wear on live TV that really has people talking.

The shirt reads, “Buy a Gun. Annoy a Liberal.”

That’s pretty bold.

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