Texas City Removes Gorilla Statue in Cage After Determining It’s Racially Insensitive

In Corsicana, Texas, a community park’s playground’s staple was a gorilla inside of a cage for children to climb and play on. However, the city removed the gorilla from the cage after determining it was racially insensitive.

Mayor Don Denbow explained there was a surge in complaints about the playground primate, which ultimately led to the decision after discussing with the city manager and a city council member.

“We can understand this, because we have an obligation to listen to all our citizens, to determine what is offensive and not, especially in public places,” Denbow stated.

The gorilla stood in the playground for 19 years, and its removal caused many people to become upset. One protester said, “It was a little strange, a little random, very unexpected.”

People became so upset that they placed balloons and flowers in front of the cage and protested:

In memory of Dobby/Facebook
In memory of Dobby/Facebook
In memory of Dobby/Facebook

Because of the public outcry, Denbow announced that the city took a look at the structural integrity of the gorilla and would put it back into the playground but would remove the cage around it.

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