Texas Governor Greg Abbott Explains Why Texas Gun Laws Give Advantage to Students in Case of Attack

Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes that Texas students are more protected than Ohio students because Texas allows concealed carry on public college universities.

Tuesday morning, Governor Abbott appeared on “Fox and Friends” and discussed Texas campus carry, sanctuary cities, and his decision to remove the state of Texas from the Refugee Relocation Process.

It is his mentioning of the Texas campus carry law that has people buzzing. In the interview, he says:

“It’s instances like this where kids on campus could have guns, where they could have been able to respond initially,” Abbott said. “I think that on a college campus like here in Texas, people will think twice before waging an attack like this knowing that they could be gunned down immediately.”

Governor Abbott also reaffirmed his decision to keep Texas from entering the Refugee Relocation Process. He used the information that the Ohio State University attacker came into the United States as a refugee and through Dallas, Texas, in 2014.

He then went on to talk about his legislative priority during the next Texas session in 2017 to ban all Texas sanctuary cities. This move would prevent sheriffs who wish to bypass such orders by simply saying they will not follow them, like what happened with Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez in 2015.

The night of the OSU attack, Governor Abbott publicly defended his 2015 decision:

In the interview on Fox News, Governor Abbott misspoke and says that Texas passed campus open carry last year.

However, Senate Bill 11, the bill that became law on August 1, 2016, allows only students who are 21 years of age and licensed to carry a firearm, and says they must only carry that firearm concealed on campus. Texas did also pass “Open Carry” which is allowed off college campuses.

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