Texas State Sheriff Explains Cartel Strategy to ‘Overwhelm’ Border Patrol’s Resources Amid Crisis

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A Texas state sheriff is speaking out about ways that cartels are taking advantage of high migrant numbers to create a distraction while they smuggle illegal drugs over the border.

Bill E. Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff, explained to the Washington Examiner that seizing of illegal substances has spiked with the increased number of large groups arriving at the border. Although the sheriff does not oversee a border city, he claims that the influx still has a huge effect on his community.

“We’re several hundred miles away from the border, however, the border does impact us,” Waybourn said.

He recently traveled to the border and discovered the strategy that was being used to distract Border Patrol.

“Interesting thing I found: The cartel owns that border on the other side. Part of their strategic plan is they release and let these over to surrender at certain times. They overwhelm our Border Patrol resources. It gives cartels the ability to move drugs [and] other people that we probably would have never let in. They’re coming in on the flanks.”

These groups are being used to traffic an abundance of illegal drugs, so much so that the sheriff said the price for a gram of methamphetamine has been cut more than half since 2016.

“The abundance of dope that is coming across that border is the reason for that, and it’s truly supply and demand, and there’s a lot of supply out there,” Waybourn said. “The Mexican cartel is pushing it over in incredible amounts … We know the drugs come here, and so are the people.”

Waybourn’s concern echoes that of other U.S. immigration officials, such as former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Border Patrol sector chief Rodolfo Karisch, as IJR has reported. The Trump administration has allocated funds to build a stronger border, but the influx of illegal substances still remains a serious issue.

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Close the border and use the Illegal Aliens being deported to build the Wall – from the Mexican side.





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