The AP Has Published Mike Pence’s Wife’s Private Email Address. Now The VP Is on the Warpath.

On March 2, the New York Times reported that Vice President Mike Pence had used a private email account while he was governor of Indiana.

While many used that information to claim that Pence was no different than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — whose use of a private email server landed her in hot water during the 2016 campaign — Pence spokesman Marc Lotter told the Indianapolis Star that there was no comparison:

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter called any comparisons between Pence and Clinton “absurd,” noting that Pence didn’t deal with federally classified information as governor. While Pence used a well-known consumer email provider, Clinton had a private server installed in her home, he said.

But for the vice president, the story didn’t end there. His email account was compromised through a phishing scam, also reported by the Indianapolis Star in June of 2016, in which someone hacked his account and claimed the Pences were stranded in the Philippines:

“Although I hear the Philippines is lovely this time of year, you may be relieved to know that we are safely in the Hoosier state and quite well,” Pence said in an email Wednesday to those who had received the fake communication. “All kidding aside, I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

The counterfeit email claimed the Pences had been attacked on their way back to their hotel, losing their money, bank cards and mobile phone.

In reporting the story, however, the Associated Press revealed some private information — including a still-active email account that is used by Second Lady Karen Pence.

The Vice President wasn’t having it:

He also shared a letter, drafted by an attorney, that had been sent to the Associated Press demanding an apology:

The letter reads in part:

The publication of Mrs. Pence’s active private email address to millions of your readers has subjected her to vitriolic and malicious emails and raised serious security concerns. There was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct.

A spokesperson for the vice president tells IJR that Karen Pence has received a wave of harassing emails in the wake of the AP publishing her private address. The letter also noted that the action was unprecedented — no previous Second Lady has had her privacy violated in such a manner — and especially concerning because Karen Pence is not an elected official herself.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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