The Cops Are Getting Involved After Indiana Republican Delegates Were Threatened Over Trump

The Indiana State police are investigating threats allegedly made against delegates who were critical of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, according to the Indianapolis Star newspaper.

The threats were reportedly in response to an article that ran in POLITICO on Saturday about delegates in the Hoosier State.

Capt. David Bursten, a spokesman for the state police, told the Indianapolis Star:

“‘What I can share with you at this time is information has been referred to the Indiana State Police that alleges threatening emails have been sent to some Indiana delegates that will be participating in the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.'”

He added:

“‘Presently the Indiana State Police is reviewing the information to determine if it may cross the line of free speech and could be considered criminal in nature.'”

According to the newspaper, the alleged hate emails read as warnings and threats to the delegates. One of the emails reportedly said, “‘Think before you take a step down the wrong path.'”

The Indiana primary will take place on May 3rd, with 57 delegates at stake. The state’s contest is a winner-take-all primary. But if none of the three remaining GOP candidates has the 1,237 delegate count needed to clinch the nomination, then the delegates in Indiana are unbound after the first ballot at the party’s nominating convention.

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