This will definitely make you think twice about feeding the animals.

A video that is going viral shows a group of people standing by a dock, feeding what appears to be a cute and harmless California sea lion in Richmond, British Columbia, Mashable reports.


However, this group would soon learn this sea lion is anything but harmless.

The video, which was filmed by college student Michael Fujiwara in Steveston Harbour, depicts a young girl in a white dress sitting on the edge of the dock looking over to watch a sea lion eating some bread.

At one point, the sea lion jumps up out of the water, getting within mere inches of the young girl.


After the sea lion retreated back into the water, the audience is left laughing.

The little girl then sits down at the edge of the dock, feeling as if it were a safe spot. She would quickly learn this was a bad idea.

Out of nowhere, the sea lion blasts through the water and grabs the tail end of her dress with its mouth, and then drags her down into the water, leaving everyone screaming in disbelief:


Without a moment's hesitation a man, who is believed to be a relative, plunges into the water and grabs the girl, hoisting her up to safety.


Both the girl and the man, while shaken up, appear to be uninjured.

During an interview with CBC, Fujiwara told reporters:

“They were pretty shaken up. Her family were just in shock.”

Since the video was posted online, the general manager of Steveston Harbour, Bob Baziuk, told CNN they have relentlessly asked people not to feed the animals:

"It's not Sea World, it's a place where you buy fish. If you feed the animals like this you're asking for trouble.

Andrew Trites, the Director of UBC's Marine Mammal Research Unit, told reporters that it likely the sea lion thought the dress was food.

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