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Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

The world witnessed evil once again Monday evening when a terrorist carried out a cowardly attack at the Manchester Arena in England shortly after an Ariana Grande concert.

The bombing took the lives of 22 people and injured at least 59 others.

In the midst of the attack, people were left confused, terrified, and helpless as they watched a malevolent terrorist plot take place right before their eyes.

While the moments after the attack led only to more chaos, it also displayed the inherent good found in mankind during times of crisis.

People from all over Manchester came out to help their fellow citizens, bandaging the wounded and directing others to safety. But some of the hardest-working people Monday night were Manchester's taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers turned off their fares and drove all night, transporting people from the bombing site to their homes, the Mirror reports.

One of those was taxi driver AJ:

Another was Mushtaq Ahmed Shaheen:

There was Sameer Arshad, as well:

People later took to social media to thank the taxi drivers:

This is more proof that evil will never prevail.

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