UPDATE: 5/30/2017, 8:40 p.m. — Following intense backlash, Kathy Griffin on Tuesday issued a formal apology over her photoshoot in which she held a bloody head depicting President Donald Trump.

In a new photo shoot, Kathy Griffin is letting people know how she really feels about President Donald Trump.

First reported by TMZ, the photoshoot has Griffin holding what looks like President Trump's head, which is also covered in lots of fake blood.


In a video, Griffin says she and Tyler Shields, the photographer, are “not afraid to do images that make noise.” She goes on to joke how Shields's lighting makes her look younger.

Griffin also jokes about how they will have to move to Mexico in order to avoid prison and because “we're not surviving this.”

People on social media had a strong, negative reaction to the edgy photos:

One user asked if CNN is willing to let Kathy Griffin host its annual “New Years Live” show again:

Griffin later defended her photoshoot as “art,” according to New York Magazine's Yashar Ali, hinting that she won't be apologizing:

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