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In a video posted to her Twitter account, Kathy Griffin has apologized for the photo shoot that depicted her holding the severed head of President Donald Trump.

The apology was prompted after Griffin saw the massive negative reaction to the photos.

Starting off her video by “sincerely” apologizing, she goes on to say she's “a comic and crossed the line, moved the line and then I crossed it. I went way too far”

The apology video comes after Griffin starred in a video for TMZ where she said she and Tyler Shields, the photographer, are “not afraid to do images that make noise.”

After initial reaction to the images, Griffin spoke to New York Magazine's Yashar Ali, where she left the impression an apology wouldn't be happening.

In response to the apology, some are saying Griffin did nothing wrong, while others are still fans of hers:

Still, the damage has been done. Company Squatty Potty released a statement clarifying Griffin's relationship with them. Stating, “Kathy Griffin is not, nor ever has been Squatty Potty's spokesperson.”

One tweet summarized the incident this way: “You know you messed up when Squatty Potty pulls the plug.”

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