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President Trump became the subject of a hostile photo shoot that had him “beheaded” in bloody effigy and his severed head held up by Kathy Griffin.

After the ensuing outrage over the photo, which Griffin originally defended as “art,” she apologized for doing it.

Nevertheless, the damage was done. The president put in real, human terms how such a photo impacted the president's children.

One would imagine that there would be a consensus that this was a “tasteless” act. Sadly, that isn't the case.

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The shocking photoshoot was actually defended:

This is once again a case when the left's vitriol and contempt for President Trump hold him to a double standard that would never be applied to former Democratic presidents.

It's one thing when political disagreement leads to heated rhetoric, but quite another when Americans begin dehumanizing one another. As Jimmy Fallon tellingly put it after recently getting blowback for his genial interview with Donald Trump, “I didn't do it to humanize him.”

Unfortunately, not only are the families of their enemies caught up in the collateral damage, the nation becomes a worse place for forging mutual understanding and a hostile environment for all of our children.

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