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Fox News host Eric Bolling castigated comedienne Kathy Griffin on Wednesday, comparing her to ISIS and arguing that she “acted with hate in her heart” when she posed for a photo showing President Donald Trump's severed head.

“Griffin swan-dived to new low levels of humanity occupied by the likes of ISIS murderers,” Bolling said after describing the terrorist group as “lower than any form of living creature on the planet.” “The Fox News Specialists” said Griffin's picture was “almost identical” to photos of ISIS fighters holding their victims' severed heads.

Griffin, Bolling suggested, should have thought about Trump's son Barron who was reportedly frightened by the image of his father's fake severed head. Bolling also speculated that Griffin, who he described as a “classless fool” acted out of malice, rather than to get some laughs.

“She knew she wasn't attempting to be funny. Griffin acted with hate in her heart. She hates Donald Trump and his supporters so much that she blew well past what is acceptable in a normal society,” Bolling charged.

Griffin was a springboard for Bolling, who launched into a full-on attack on liberals and the media who he said exhibited symptoms of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Too harsh on Kathy Griffin? Not a chance. The left, Hollywood music city, all of you have to stop with the Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Bolling said before citing supposedly artistic acts, from Madonna and Snoop Dogg, suggesting violence against Trump.

“You're being evil and likely, borderline criminal,” Bolling told the artists.

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