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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume derided comedienne Kathy Griffin's photo of Donald Trump's severed head in effigy, suggesting on Thursday that it was emblematic of the current state of incivility in American politics.

“We may now have reached kind of a zenith,” Hume said before citing Griffin's photo as an example of  the decline in civility. Speaking to “The Story” host Martha MacCallum, Hume described the country as “deeply divided” before commenting that political polarization was worse than anything he had previously seen.

“We're at a point here where we've got almost a civility crisis on our hands,” Hume concluded.

During his comments to MacCallum, Hume specifically lamented how anti-Trump media bias and hatred toward the president contributed to America's climate of incivility:

“It's not just that people oppose him, disagree with him, worry about his qualifications. People who oppose him — a lot of them — can't stand the sight of the man. It horrifies them that he's president and it's leaked over into the coverage to the point where we see every day reporters who are supposed to not get into the opinion business letting opinions leak into their work. We see biased reporting to a degree that I've rarely seen before.”

Griffin apologized on Wednesday when she tweeted a video in which she said she “went way too far.”

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