Comedian Kathy Griffin has had a rough week. After posing for a photoshoot featuring the “D-List” star holding a fake severed head that resembled President Trump, she faced wave after wave of backlash.

She lost her New Year's Eve gig on CNN. Several companies pulled her commercials. And even the president himself called her out:

As Griffin hemorrhages advertisers, it's only natural that she would seek counsel to represent her in the possible upcoming legal battles. And Los Angeles-based Lisa Bloom, of the Bloom Firm, stepped up:

So who is Ms. Bloom? Independent Journal Review did a little digging, and it didn't take long to realize that Bloom was no fan of the current president — or any member of his family:

Bloom has been particularly critical of First Lady Melania Trump, calling her a “silent clothes hanger”:

And the “First Ornament”:

Bloom made no mention of Melania Trump's visits to children's hospitals and with the mothers of military service-members.

Plus, she just really likes Kathy Griffin:

There's no accounting for taste.

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