Kathy Griffin's Lawyer Questions if Barron Was Traumatized: 'Many of the Things the Trumps Say Are False'

| JUN 2, 2017 | 5:57 PM

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In a free-wheeling press conference on Friday, Kathy Griffin begged America for forgiveness. Earlier in the week, Kathy Griffin committed career self-decapitation by posing with a severed, bloody Trump head.

The professional consequences were severe. Attempting to explain her actions in the press conference, the often sobbing comic claimed to be a victim of “targeting” by the Trump family and said the entire uproar is a “distraction” from Trump's FBI investigation. She also said she is “going to make fun of him more now” and admitted she thinks her career is “over” since Trump “broke her.”

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The press conference was held at the law office of Griffin's attorney, Lisa Bloom, who has a deep history of public anti-Trump sentiment.

While the entire press conference had many odd and revealing exchanges, one stood out.

A reporter asked Griffin and Bloom about a quote from Griffin, given in 2016, declaring she will “go direct after” Barron Trump. The reporter read the quote, where Griffin declared she was “happy to deliver a beatdown to Donald Trump and also to Barron,” and she wanted to “go down hard on Donald and go direct for Barron Trump.”

After hearing the quote, Griffin admitted the quote was accurate. The reporter then asked Griffin if her beheading stunt was intended to hurt Barron. There have been reports that Barron Trump was traumatized by the photo.

“I think a comic should be able to make fun of everybody,” Griffin said.

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The reporter who asked the question then redirected it at Bloom, who led a full-throated defense of Griffin.

“Comics can create images that are not appropriate for children,” Bloom declared, “It is my job as a parent to filter out what is appropriate for my children.”

Bloom continued, “It is not the job of a comic to filter everything down to the level of an 11-year-old. [Griffin] gets to make the comedy and the art that she wants to make, and the parents decide what's appropriate.”

The reporter followed up, asking if it was Trump's job to keep news organizations from publishing the decapitation photo.

Bloom responded, “There is a lot of disgusting stuff about Trump in the news every day, like the fact that he's making us the laughingstock of the world.”

Another reporter in the gaggle asked about the reports that Barron was traumatized when he first saw the bloody image. Bloom quickly responded:

“Well, allegedly. We don't know that. You're assuming everything the Trumps say is true, and we know that many of the things the Trumps say are false.”

The inability to show remorse for a traumatized 11-year-old reveals a lot about Griffin's defense.

The exchange occurs at the 7-minute mark in the video above.