‘Free Speech’ Rally Portland Mayor Tried to Cancel Was Peaceful — Then ‘Antifas’ Grabbed Bricks…

| JUN 5, 2017 | 10:41 PM

The free speech rally held on Sunday by some Portland, Oregon, area conservatives almost didn’t happen when the mayor demanded that the permit be revoked.

Mayor Ted Wheeler asserted that the rally should be canceled because of possible violence by what he called “alt-right” protesters, following the murders of two men who came to the defense of two Muslim women being hassled by a man hurling racial slurs on a commuter train.

But even the liberal American Civil Liberties Union, which usually doesn’t stick its neck out for right-leaning groups, was compelled to advise the mayor that what he proposed was viewpoint discrimination and clearly unconstitutional.

The rally went on as scheduled Sunday, but the police prepared for the worst:

It turned out that the conservative rally was peaceful, but police say the trouble started when so-called “antifa” (anti-fascist) protesters and anarchists gathered across the street:

The two sides were kept apart by caution tape:

Another group gathered at City Hall to rally against hate speech.

No weapons, not even legally concealed or open carry handguns, were allowed at the free speech rally because it was on federal property.

But there were plenty of weapons. Police said the leftists began throwing projectiles at cops — including bricks:

You can see a protester throw a heavy object at a cop in this scrum with protesters:

And police confiscated quite a collection of weapons from the leftists, including explosives:

A slingshot to launch projectiles:

And spears and shields:

Police say the violent protesters also came armed with balloons filled with a “foul-smelling” liquid:

KOIN 6 News reports that police used flash bangs and rubber bullets to stop the violent protesters; 14 were arrested:

KOIN 6 News reported that the anarchists, their faces covered with scarves, put up this sign to face the free speech and Trump supporters that they have “blood on [their] hands” following the train murders by a hateful, crazed killer.

The man accused of the train murders, 35-year-old Jeremy Christian’s own Facebook writings indicated that he is a Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporter and hated Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He had been kicked out of a similar rally in April for his racist rants, including giving the Nazi salute.

But as he showed during his arraignment, the man with the long police record has mental health issues. Courtroom video showed Christian's continuous racist tirade as the judge tried to conduct court business.

On the train at the start of Memorial Day weekend, Christian berated and taunted two Muslim women, one of whom was wearing a hijab. Three men stuck up for the women and the attacker pulled a knife killing Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, Rick Best, 52, and wounding a third man.