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Liberal actor Alec Baldwin had some choice words on Friday for Republican critics of comedienne Kathy Griffin.

“Kathy...f*** them. F*** them all,” Baldwin spewed during a tweet storm in which he called the president a “senile idiot.” Baldwin attempted to comfort Griffin on social media after controversy erupted over her recent photo with an effigy of President Donald Trump's severed head.

“'ve been there,” Baldwin started, before reminding her of his own controversy surrounding a joke he made in 1998 about killing Congressman Henry Hyde.

Baldwin joked to late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien that if America were a different country, Hyde would be stoned “to death.” Watch the video above this article for the original footage.

His comment, as he made clear in his tweet, was a joke.

Baldwin singled out Republicans for complaining about the joke then and appeared to say “F***” Griffin's modern-day critics in the GOP.

In his final tweet, Baldwin took another jab at Trump and said Griffin should just ignore the current president:

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