Tucker Carlson/gay Muslim activitst

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become famous on his relatively new show for doing his homework and challenging the arguments of liberal guests who come on his show. Friday night was more of the same.

Blair Imani, executive director of Equality for Her — a non-profit organization which identifies itself on Facebook as “uplift[ing] the voices and identities of people on the femme spectrum” — stopped by to tell Carlson that certain groups need “safe spaces,” and it should be the government's obligation to pay for them:

“First I think we need to start by understanding that everybody kinda misunderstands what a ‘safe space’ means.

I’m talking about ‘safe spaces’ being somewhere where you can be who you are without having fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed. [...]

And we’re talking about safe spaces for Muslims, we need to recognize that we’ve been surveilled for a very long time.”

Carlson was incredulous and asked:

“Why do you think law enforcement agencies would put Muslims under surveillance?”

Imani acknowledged that some in the Muslim community are under surveillance for counterterrorism reasons, but Carlson pressed on, asking her why she thinks that is.

She then launched into the argument that Islamists aren't the only extremists who commit violence:

“I don’t understand why other groups won’t acknowledge that violence isn’t something that’s exclusive to the Muslim community. It’s not exclusive to Islam [...]

But we see people targeted in a way that’s extremely unfair. And we also have this rise of white supremacists and you know ‘alt-right’ violence that’s being committed…”

“Oh spare me, that’s too dumb,” Carlson shot back. It went downhill from there.

Imani said that as a black “queer” Muslim woman, she believes black people and members of the LGBT community need safe spaces, as well.

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