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For months, the fact that First Lady Melania Trump and First Son Barron Trump were not moving to Washington D.C. with President Donald Trump was a source of controversy.

The official reason was that the Trumps wanted to allow Barron to finish the school year with minimal disruption — but that didn't stop people from speculating that the Trumps just enjoyed having the taxpayers foot the bill for security in multiple locations or that Melania was more comfortable living apart from her husband.

But the first lady announced that she and Barron would be moving to the White House in June, following the end of his school year in New York. And on June 11, she made good on that promise:

And although a fair number of people offered congratulations and encouragement:

There were also those who couldn't just let her enjoy her first day in the White House:

Dang it, Twitter, you're ruining moving day for her!

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