Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, has been identified as the alleged shooter in Wednesday's shooting at GOP lawmakers' Congressional Baseball Game practice in Virginia.

Hodgkinson reportedly shot five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, before being taken down by police. President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the shooter has died from his injuries.

According to two Facebook profiles Hodgkinson seemingly posted on, he was a member of the Trump “resistance” and held a deep distain for Republicans. He posted about Bernie Sanders regularly and was in many groups supporting liberal politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Hodgkinson was apparently a climate change advocate and believed strongly in the accusations of Trump's connection to Russia's 2016 election tampering.

Below are screenshots, telling a digital tale of James Hodgkinson's far-left worldview.

Both of Hodgkinson's reported pages featured Bernie Sanders in the profile photos and cover images:

They also featured photos of Hodgkinson himself:

Pro-Bernie Sanders memes and articles are posted in abundance:

And anti-Trump rhetoric is also in abundance:

Hodgkinson was a true believer in the Russia-Trump connection:

And deeply despised the congressional GOP:

He called Karen Handel a “Republican Bitch.”

He called Lindsey Graham a “bigoted racist.”

He criticized the Koch brothers:

He posted anti-police articles:

And wanted “all Republicans out of office.”

He posted that the GOP was “worse than any terrorists” and that it “loved al-Qaeda.”

He also “liked” a number of Hillary Clinton organizations:


He was apparently a fan of Michael Moore and Elizabeth Warren:

And was a “member” of these extremists groups:

He also posted about “murder” and the GOP wanting to “kill” Americans.

And GOP “Death Panels”:


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