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MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is seen regularly on the left-of-center network and even gained an odd sort of fame for being called out by Donald Trump while on the campaign trail.

But now, it’s her own dad calling her out, and this could make her dispute with Trump seem mild by comparison.

In a very public Facebook post, the elder Tur, who has now undergone sex reassignment surgery, accuses her daughter of failing to talk to her and for being “transphobic”:


The Facebook post reads, in part:

"My daughter Katy said she's 'terrified' to meet me. She told me the day My x GF Carrie Fisher died that she was going to 'set things right' and come see me. That was 171 days ago. Her promise was a whole lot a nuthin. It's been 1,500 days since she last saw me and told me I was a terrible father after having just come out. I was crushed.

On June 8th a (sic) turned 57 and no call-not even an email. On Pride Sunday the NYTimes published a story about Katy that left me humiliated. The timing and optics couldn't be worse.

Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She's Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times putting career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She's pure television.

I apologize to you all and will continue to fight for my community.

Happy Pride 2017 and Resist!

Hanna Zoey Tur, formerly known as Bob Tur, gained notoriety for capturing video of the brutal beating of truck driver Reginald Denny during the Los Angeles riots.

It’s not clear what Katy Tur said or did that in any way shows her to be “transphobic,” but it may stem from simply not wanting to see her parent.

Katy followed her Hanna Zoey's footsteps into journalism.

The love of journalism may be the only thing they share right now. Here’s what Hanna Zoey said when asked about Tur’s assignment to cover the Trump campaign:

“My daughter is the reporter following Trump for NBC News. And they deserve each other.”

The elder Tur was hired for a time by “Inside Edition” but was relieved of duty when she appeared with writer Ben Shapiro and threatened that he'd “go home in an ambulance” if he didn’t stop referring to her as “sir.”

Katy Tur is a frequent social media user. So far, she hasn’t reacted to the elder Tur's insults.

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